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When owner, Jeanie, and her two dogs, Larry and Sam, came home with muddy feet and horse manure smeared onto their coats (after they somehow rolled in it), Jeanie was in quite a dilema. Hosing this mess would only make it worse, plus it was too cold outside to consider giving them a bath in the driveway. She managed to lead the dogs through the garage and up two flights of stairs to the bathroom where she gave them both a bath in the tub. After the baths, the tub was full of hair, water on the floor, hair on the walls, roll of toilet paper was a wet wad, and the pile of towels was redolent of horse manure. Jeanie realized that other people must be having this problem too. That’s when she decided to open a dog wash. It seemed the perfect business to combine her love of animals with her rather annoying compulsion to clean.