Dog Washing Services

All Services Currently Require an Appointment

Self Service Wash $20-$23-$26-$29
We provide everything you need to wash your pet-shampoo, plenty of towels, groomer’s dryer, ear and eye wipes, a waterproof apron, dental products, nail clippers and cologne. We clean up the mess! Our waist high tubs are cleaned and disinfected by us after every wash. Prices are based on size. Small-up to 20lbs, Medium-20-60 lbs, Large-60-100 lbs, Giant-over 100lbs. This service is limited to one hour per pet with a $10 fee for each additional hour. 

Full Service Wash $40-$50-$60-$70-$75-
We will wash, blow dry and brush out your dog. We wipe clean the ears, eyes & teeth and trim or grind the nails. We finish with a spritz of cologne & a bandana. Small-pets up to 20 lbs, Medium-pets 20-60 lbs, Large-pets 60-100lbs, Giant-pets over 100lbs and Giant Long Hair-pets over 100lbs with hair that can become matted. 

Cat Baths-$75. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Multiple Dog Discount $5 Off Each Additional Bath
Bring them both inside, there is plenty of room. Our cozy wash area is equipped to keep one dog with you while you bathe the other.

7th Self-Service Wash is FREE!

7th Full-Service Wash-$7 Discount

Free Self-Services Washes for Therapy Dogs & Police Dogs

Discounted Full-Service Washes for Therapy Dogs & Police Dogs

$2 Off all Washes every Tuesday

Larry’s Shampoo Bar $8
Upgrade your dog’s bath with our exclusive, spa quality shampoos, conditioners and colognes.

Nail Trim $20
Stop by any time for a nail trim with toenail clippers and/or a dremel. No appointment necessary.

Pawdicure $25
We start by trimming the fur on the bottom of the feet, next we cut or dremel the toenails and then we apply a moisturizing balm to soften and restore the paw pads. During the winter months, we apply a coat of Musher’s Secret to protect the pads from snow, ice, lawn chemicals, hot sand and road salt.

$5 Off a Pawdicure with a Full Service Bath.

Sanitary Trim $15
Yes, we can shave your dog’s butt!

Anal Glands Expressed $20
If you see your dog rubbing his butt on the lawn or carpet, you might want to have the anal glands expressed.

Teeth Brushing $8
We willl brush your dog’s teeth with a disposable toothbrush and doggie toothpaste.

Grooming Table and Equipment $25 per Hour
You can rent our table, combs, clippers and scissors if you enjoy grooming your own dog.

Mobile Doggie Day Spa
Every service that we provide at Larry’s Laundromutt can also be done in the comfort & convenience of your own driveway. Call our grooming line at 412-259-8435 to schedule your appointment.

Deshedding Treatment – $20
This service includes brushing with a Furminator, followed by a warm,soothing bath with deshedding shampoo & conditioner and a nail trim. Call to schedule this unique spa service for your dog today!

Flea Treatment-$20 with a Full-Service Bath
A full service specialty bath with flea shampoo followed by a nail trim. Don’t forget to clean your house, car and pet bedding while we clean your dog!

Skunk Treatment-$20 with a Full-Service Bath
We hope it never happens to your dog but if it does, this is the treatment to solve the problem. Try not to get your dog’s coat wet before you bring her to Larry’s Laundromutt.

Simple De-Matting $5-$10-We will remove a few mats with any bath. Severely matted pets will require a grooming appointment.

We reserve the right to refuse full service to agressive animals.

Bad Behaviour Fee-$15

Although Larry’s Laundromutt is a dog wash, we have also been known to wash cats, rabbits and goats. Bring your pet in for a bath today!